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Nomadic Tapes

Nomadic Tapes: The Eternal Passenger
Nomadic Tapes: The Eternal Passenger is a Podcast where we connect the dots between Traveling, Identity, Society, and Culture as we engage with interesting individuals who demonstrate both the courage & taste to embark on the adventurous & often ambiguous reality of traveling.

45° Leadership

Upcoming Podcast: January 15th 2024...
45° Leadership is a Podcast where we recognize, engage with, and celebrate Leaders who have attained Vertical success for themselves yet remain Horizontally driven by serving and empowering their people. The quality of our Leadership dictates the quality of our Life.
Furthermore, through this platform, we aim to share the stories behind the glories of those that we celebrate. Uncovering these stories will charge and equip you with both the courage and tools for the quest of your own North Star, despite the odds.
In such a sinuous and tempestuous socio-political climate tainted by corrosive culture wars, undying lust for power, and paroxysmal plagues of violence, planet Earth is in great declinism; cultivating a 45° Leadership mindset is beyond necessary, it is vital.

Aniaba Jean-Baptiste

Author | Strategist | Aspiring Economist
Born and raised in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, I am a young creative entrepreneur and storyteller guided by the thirst to lead, inspire and empower tellurians, one project at a time. I am a rising Junior Economics major at Morehouse College where I am an Oprah Winfrey Scholar and Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Scholar.
I am a self-published author, UX Designer, and founder of Dessart Studios, a Digital Agency that provides Branding, App Development, and Website Development Services to Startups and I serve as the Founding Director of Africa's 1st Pan-African Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (PAYE).
"Healthy friction enables us to expand our horizons, refocus our intellectual aperture, and challenge our critical gaze." Be Faithful in God, Be Anchored, Be Bold !